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Lemme is all about sharing your story through compelling words and visuals. We empower brands, helping them craft their desired user experience. Why use our services? If you’re on the look for a product photo shoot, to renew your website, launch a brand or simply want to generate some hype around your campaign, don’t wait any longer and let us do the hard work for you.

We help you crystallise your goals for creating and maintaining your brand’s online presence. Not all brands are created equal, and the same goes for social media platforms and digital mediums. Be deliberate about where you direct and invest your money, time and efforts. Create content that does more than look pretty, but also addresses each customer’s unique journey.

Brand development

Creating a brand is not just about giving your company or product a name and a logo. At the very least, it’s an ongoing process, and more precisely—a gradual evolution. The identity of your brand needs to not only reflect your core values and problem-solving features but also speak to your target audience.

We’ll guide you through the growth-driven brand development process. The process encompasses both internal and external work: from research and planning, interviewing potential customers and structuring frameworks to clarifying your message, positioning and creating a thorough marketing action plan.


Social media and content marketing

Sit tight and relax. We can either guide you or take care of your brand’s content creation and social media account curation. No matter the size of your company, Lemme will help you discover where your customers are and what’s the best way to reach them. Whether you’re located in Vilnius, Boston or Amsterdam, our team is fully equipped to take on both your international and localised content, social media strategy planning and execution.

From your own blog development, an Instagram campaign to building your community, we do the nitty-gritty work. What specifically? We perform in-depth research such as competitor audience, combine data and storytelling when sharing your story, promote engaging content on multi-channels, and offer optimised copywriting.

Influencer marketing

So you’ve been wanting to reach that foreign wellness guru who would be a great brand-match? We take care of outreach and crafting that perfect pitch. We oversee contracts and negotiate terms and payments. What about micro-influencers? They offer higher-engagement rates, lower costs and can reach niche markets. Are you interested in co-creating products with influencers? We cover this and more. These are just some of the paths you can take.

It’s now been long established that likes are not the end-goal. An influencer’s audience and engagement can be easily inflated, which means that your efforts don’t reach potential clients. We amplify your message to the right audience. We pinpoint specific and performance-based metrics when working with local and global vloggers, bloggers, influencers and celebrities.


Creative services

We turn ideas into reality. Our strength lies in connecting a network of experts, and this way ensuring that only well-tailored and high-quality work is done. We collaborate with graphic and UX/UI designers, photographers, wordsmiths, editors, content creators, event organisers, as well as front and back-end developers, technical SEO-specialists, among many other professionals on a daily basis.